Question: I’m interested in consulting, but as a freshman, I have no experience.  Is this club interested in freshmen?

  • Answer: The club mainly targets students who plan on recruiting with consulting firms in the spring semester for internships and in the fall semester for full-time internships. All class levels will be considered, and no prior experience is necessary, but Juniors will be given preference. Students who do not plan to recruit for internships in the current semester may specify that they would like to be considered for executive board positions.

Question: What type of resume are you looking for?

  • Answer: All resumes will be looked at on a case by case basis. That said, all resumes must have the applicant’s GPA and graduation date. We will also look at work experience, strength of coursework, and interest in consulting (though no prior experience is needed). Ultimately, we want all program participants to land internships and full-time jobs with top consulting firms, and will choose the students with the most promise.

Question: I’m interested in joining the Consulting Club but I noticed on your site it mentions the club is for the advancement of undergrads.  I am a MBA student and wanted to know if I could still apply.  Thanks!

 Question: I will be studying abroad this semester, can I still apply to the USC Consulting Club?

  • Answer: In order to allow the greatest number of students to benefit from the program, students may apply only during semesters in which they will be attending USC.

Question: I am really interested in the consulting club and I will definitely apply for the membership. However, I won’t be able to make it to all the meetings. Is that okay?

  • Answer: Because we do bring in guest speakers from top consulting firms, it is crucial that admitted members are present at meetings, unless they have excused absences. If you cannot commit to most of the meetings, we recommend that you wait until your schedule is more free before you apply.